Sunday, May 08, 2005

Moving Advertisements

This is one I've had for a while...

I thought of this when I was sitting on the BART, going through the transbay tunnel. It's a pretty uneventful ride, and when you look out the window, you just see the dark wall of the tube flying by at high-speed. With advertisers' desiring to inundate the public with ads during their spare moments, I thought, "Everyone looks bored. Can we use this time where most just sit or read or listen to music?"

So here's the idea. Put up ads along the walls of the transbay tunnel so that when the train flies by, the ads come together to form a moving ad. Each individual ad serves as a frame in a commercial spot, and since the speed is pretty stable going through the tunnel, the ad should appear to move smoothly.


Blogger Vinu said...

its already there in NJ-NY PATH subway in the tunnel lto and from Manhattan. I had seen 'Hummer' adv. They were pretty cool.

1:20 PM  
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