Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wireless Digital Cameras Part II

While in New Zealand, I thought of another use for wireless on a digital camera. Blaurb and I were at Huka Falls, and I saw a couple that looked really cute, and I was in a position to take a great picture of them. What a great opportunity to do something nice! Had I had the ability to give him the photograph (without the awkward email-swapping followed by "I'll email you!") I would have gladly taken the picture.

I then thought, with wireless connectivity, this would be a wonderful opportunity to interact with other people and play photographer one moment at a time. I could snap the picture, introduce myself, and say, "Hey, I got a great picture of you, would you like it?"

I guess it could also allow individuals or amateur photographers to make a business out of taking nice pictures of other people. I'd still advocate free picture taking, but you can't stop the free markets...


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