Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Naked Airlines

Security checkpoints suck. We all know this. Why not start Naked Airlines, where all the passengers must board completely nude (ok, maybe they can have on sparing amounts of underwear).

I was thinking about it, and the reason security checkpoints take so long is because we're worried that someone might be hiding something. We check the bags with x-ray machines, and we empty our pockets, and for more suspicious-looking characters, we even inspect them with "magic wands." Well, in an effort to speed up that security checkpoint line, why don't we all just get naked? If I'm naked, I can't hide anything (comfortably). You would just have to scan my bag and off I go. No more problems with metal plates in my head or that titanium alloy implant of mine. No shoe-bombs, or concealed weapons. I think this solution is a rather elegant one.


Blogger Unknown said...

Or man, just make the stewardesses naked and you have my loyalty.

3:11 PM  

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