Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mattress-Retailing Hotels

So Blaurb and I were shopping for a new bed for her apartment last year, and we found it pretty difficult to really decide without having the experience of just one night's rest. How can we really know if we like it or not? What if we were able to sleep on it for a night at a hotel?

Hotel chains could partner with mattress retailers, and have subtle ads that display the mattress model and price if the customer wants to know. If this became really popular, then I could even imagine a couple saying to each other, "We need a new mattress, let's go get a hotel room and try some different brands out." Especially since mattresses are a pretty hefty investment (most last for at least 10 years), spending a couple of nights at a hotel is comparatively inexpensive if you think about the alternative of having bought a mattress that doesn't suit you.