Wednesday, January 25, 2006


c/o Joe Wargo. How about iPods with Wi-Fi? iPods probably won't be able to share music, but what if you could play music for other iPods to hear? Allow iPods to use a Wi-Fi connection to link up, so that I can play a song on my iPod and you can hear my song on yours. It would just be one way for iPod users to connect and share and be happy and all that. Does music really have to be exclusively individual? Of course, I would only be able to hear a song on another iPod if I was in range of the wireless signal. It wouldn't be illegal music-sharing, because once I leave the signal, I can no longer listen to the music.

This idea of an iPod that shares/receives can be even more interesting. If iPods can be programmed as both music servers and music clients, think of all the places where you might be able to pick up snippets of a song? Imagine you are in a coffee shop and you want to listen to the coffee shop podcast, you tune in, and you like the song. Perhaps Wipods would also give you the option of buying the song right there for download. Wouldn't that be awesome?

In addition, adding wi-fi would allow photo-sharing, podcast-sharing, and it would make uploading songs onto your iPod less of a hassle.

Update: So a quick search online will show that Apple has already thought about putting wireless capabilities into iPods. I think the revolutionary idea here is the guerilla radio network. Having coffee shops and the like peddle iTunes would expand its reach to the point where people actually think, "I want to buy that song." Apple could even put up it's own radio stations so participating shops won't need to provide the programming. It would put Apple in competition with satellite radio stations for sure, without the huge overhead cost of satellites.


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