Friday, September 09, 2005

BlogCasting c/o Alan Van Pelt

This idea is from Alan Van Pelt, who has yet to put up his own blog. The idea stems from the desire to know more about someone you just meet or even a familiar stranger you see every day but know nothing about. A small device worn or attached to a cell phone, for example, would constantly broadcast a link to the person's blog or even some of the recent posts of a blog. The person would essentially be broadcasting their blog for consumption by the public, but linked to the physical world. For example, if AVP sees a hot girl on the street, and wants to learn more about her, he could check out the link she's broadcasting and check it out a bit before deciding that he's interested.

I think this could add a whole new dimension to the favorite pasttime activity of mine, "people-watching." It would allow me to browse blogs in the real, physical world too, giving me a digital link to the people I may see every day.Thanks AVP!


Blogger Bryan Kennedy said...

That is a crazy good idea AVP/Menzies. I'd be interested in looking into this further.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Bryan Kennedy said...

check out:
Looks like sony may have something for you.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Vinu said...

nice idea. Now, imagine a 'dating' site - that matches the 'guy' and 'gal' probable chemistry?? increases the probabilty getting hooked easily? you never know who the next one is!!

2:25 AM  
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